Why you can’t find my personal Facebook account: I don’t want you to!

I’m exhausted and I don’t have time for Facebook. I was diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a neuropsychological assessment in June of 2015. The third thing listed as the source of this traumatic stress is: “adverse interactions with past treating professionals.” The “adverse interactions” were the failure to offer any assistance with the first two things listed, but rather use unscientifically proven methods to treat an illness for which there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it exists.

I had slowly begun to become aware of a problem with these “past treating professionals” around June of 2011. It was not until January of 2013, while I had cancer, that I began to see how these same “past treating professionals” were not properly assisting my wife, which elevated my stress response into high alert. This is why, among other rumours, there was a story that I had died of a massive heart attack in September of 2013. As Mark Twain once said, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

It has also become evident that the sharp decline in my wife’s health was a direct result of my “past treating professionals” offering her no real assistance and giving her false information. Thus, these “past treating professionals” not only made me more ill, they made my wife ill. Likewise, this same community of “treating professionals” provided me with false information concerning my wife’s condition, which exasperated both of our conditions. If you wish to give her a diagnosis, ‘love sick’ certainly seems to describe her condition.

It has been a difficult last three years. My wife and I have discovered what we need to do to regain some health, and I have come off of ‘high alert’ now that I know she is safe and we can begin to rebuild our lives. Thus, I have also begun to sleep easier again and would like to resume a more quite life, which means running away from Facebook.

You will still be able to find the following Facebook pages, but not the one from which I administer them.

Russell Jonas Grigaitis, Writer:

My Sister, My Bride, Book:


High Level B.S., Blogger (I’m not sure when I will resume this one):



Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.
Among many other things, part of what prompted me to withdraw from Facebook and some other forms of digital communication is the death of my fifth generation iPod Touch on Holy and Great Saturday of 2016 according to the Julian calendar. I will become more of a digital recluse (i.e. iRecluse).